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What are Dart Shafts?

Dart shafts, sometimes called dart stems, are an essential component of any dart. Shafts connect the flight to the barrel playing a crucial role in the overall performance and stability of the dart.

Different types of Dart Shafts

Dart shafts come in a variety of materials, lengths, and designs, allowing dart players to customise their darts to suit their throwing style and preferences.

The most popular material for shafts are nylon, as used in Target's Pro Grip range, and have some flexibility and lower cost but not as durable as other materials. Titanium and aluminium shafts are lightweight, highly durable, and rigid, offering further grip extending from the dart barrel and greater in-flight stability.

Dart shafts come in a variety of lengths including Short, Intermediate, and Medium, with Short Plus and Intermediate Plus available on a small selection of shafts to suit players looking for a size between two popular lengths.

Does a Dart Shaft make a Difference?

While only a small part of a dart, their overall influence can impact how the dart flies through the air. The length of the shaft impacts the overall length of the dart altering the trajectory of the dart and how they land into the dartboard.

The material of the shaft can also make a difference to the trajectory, with metal dart shafts being heavier towards the rear compared to nylon shafts. While only a few grams of weight, this can have an overall impact on how the dart flies through the air.

Should I choose an integrated flight and shaft?

Integrated flight and shafts, such as the K-Flex from Target Darts, offer true simplicity as there's no need to secure flights to your shafts and reduces their separation. As the fusion of flight and shaft offer consistency with moulded flights, there is true consistency for each dart and each throw, and the material offers durable alternative to the traditional flights.

How to choose a Dart Shaft that works for you

For beginners, most darts come with a set of short length dart shafts. These are the perfect size to begin with and many Target Darts sponsored players use short Pro Grip shafts whilst playing in major competitions.

If you find that the short size and nylon material doesn't work for you, it's all about experimentation. The 16x World Champion, Phil 'The Power' Taylor uses titanium shafts, whilst 2018 World Champion, Rob 'Voltage' Cross, uses an intermediate length Pro Grip shaft. You can find a wide selection of lengths, designs, and materials from Target Darts.

K-Flex - Target Darts' moulded flight and shaftK-Flex - Target Darts' moulded flight and shaft

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