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Orders over £50 | UK only | T&C's apply.

  1. Target Darts Aspar Dartboard and Corona Vision Lighting System
    Dartboard and Light Combo
    Special Price £103.95 was price £115.90
  2. The Complete Home Bundle including the Corona Vision lighting system, dartboard, black surround, and a set of brass darts.
    The Complete Home Bundle
    Special Price £129.95 was price £163.35

What is a Dartboard Light?

Designed to be fixed on or around the dartboard, a Dartboard Light provides focussed and well-distributed illumination to a dartboard to enhance visibility for players during the game.

Different types of Dartboard Lights

Target Darts offers two varieties of Dartboard Lights:

  • Top Light - A light is installed above the dartboard to illuminate top-down with fading light reaching the bottom of the dartboard.
  • 360-degree Light - A light that distributes light across the dartboard from all angles for a truly shadowless play.

Does I need a Dartboard Light?

It's not necessary to install a Dartboard Light when you first start playing, however, if you have low visibility or the dartboard is placed in a dark corner, it is recommended. As you continue to expand your set-up, a Dartboard Light is a welcome addition and players of all level enjoy the added triple-20 visibility.

Which is the best Dartboard Light for your set-up?

To suit every player, Target Darts has 4 Dartboard Lights available:

  • Corona Vision Dartboard Lighting System - The most popular Dartboard Light offering 360-degree light for shadowless play in all set-ups. Easy to install and suitable for all dartboards, it's the most convenient way to light your dartboard.
  • Arc Dartboard Light - An easy way to add top-level light to the dartboard with an attachable arm that can be fitted to any dartboard.
  • Arc Dartboard Cabinet Light - An easy way to quickly add light to your cabinet as it attached directly to the top of the cabinet.
  • MOD Halo - A 360-degree light that offers shadowless play to set-ups that use the MOD System.
Dartboard Lights - Comparison of the MOD Halo versus a non-light home set-up.Dartboard Lights - Comparison of the MOD Halo versus a non-light home set-up.

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