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What are Dart Flights?

Dart flights are the wings at the back of a dart that help to stabilise it through the air. Playing a crucial role in the aerodynamics of the dart to help maintain a stable and predictable trajectory.

Different types of Dart Flights

Flights come in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials, and designs, with the choice of flight impacting the speed, stability, and trajectory of the darts.

The most popular sizes from Target Darts is the No.2 (also called Standard) and No.6 available in 100-microns weight, and are the most suitable for beginners. The majority of professional players use one of these two shapes, however, there are a multitude of shapes that can help support hitting the right target. With Target's own Ten-X shape, a smaller version of the No.6, Vapor shape, used by 16x World Champion Phil 'The Power' Taylor, and Kite shape for a further aerodynamic dart flight, you are sure to find the right flight to suit your playstyle.

Does a Dart Flight make a Difference?

Short answer, yes.

Not only does the dart flight help with the stability and trajectory of the dart flight, it can also impact the speed and power of the dart through the air. The overall goal of any darts player is consistency, once you find the right dart flight for your throwing style will bring confidence with each subsequent throw.

Should I choose an integrated flight and shaft?

Integrated flight and shafts, such as the K-Flex from Target Darts, offer true simplicity as there's no need to secure flights to your shafts and reduces their separation. As the fusion of flight and shaft offer consistency with moulded flights, there is true consistency for each dart and each throw, and the material offers durable alternative to the traditional flights.

How to choose a Dart Flight that works for you

The majority of darts come with No.2 or No.6 flight shapes in the most common weight of 100-microns. These will help you establish a baseline for what works well for you and then you can continue to experiment until you find the perfect match.

Even the top professional players have a variety of playstyles requiring different flights. The 16x World Champion, Phil Taylor, uses Vapor flights, a small flight that matches his throw whilst new talent, Luke 'The Nuke' Littler, uses the No.2 shape for a stable and predictable throw.

You can find a wide selection of dart flight shapes available from Target Darts with a huge selection of designs available to personalise your darts.

Dart Flights - Target Darts offers a range of flight shapes and designs to suit your playstyle.Dart Flights - Target Darts offers a range of flight shapes and designs to suit your playstyle.

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