8 Mar, 2021

At Target Darts we pride ourselves in supporting some of the best female players in the world; helping them to reach new heights in the game. We also employ a whole host of incredible women who are part of the driving force behind our company's success. Working in a 'male dominated sport' doesn't mean our staff should reflect this, in fact at Target HQ we have an almost equal split of men and women, one of which is our Sales Operations Manager Charlene Cooper who has just surpassed a decade at the company.

We sat down with Charlene to find out more about her time at Target:

How many years (or months!) have you worked at Target Darts?

It's actually my 10-year anniversary this year! A whole decade in darts & still loving it!

What does your job role entail?

I oversee both the customer service department and sales operations. I keep everything ticking along nicely and ensure that our business runs as efficiently and as productive as possible. I also like to make sure all of our customers are happy with the level of service we provide and the products that they purchase.

Why did you choose to work at Target Darts?

I was looking for a new challenge, I certainly found one. 10 years later and I am still going strong so I would say it has worked out quite well.

What makes Target Darts a great place to work?

The team of people we have & the ability to produce the most amazing products. I love how Target continues to push those boundaries and take expectations to the next level.

How is Target Darts helping with your personal development?

Target as a company is extremely dynamic, there are always new challenges on the table so this allows me to develop my skills and perfect our operations as we continue to grow. I like that I am in control of my own processes therefore I have the flexibility and trust of the company to find the most effective way to manage our operations & customer service. I have grown on both a personal & professional level and it has been an incredible journey so far.

What is your ultimate career goal?

I always want to best version of myself. I am driven by new challenges & opportunities.

Have you always been a darts fan? If not are you one now?

I never really took an interest in darts before I worked here. My earliest memories of darts dates back to my childhood. There was this British Darts themed TV game show Bullseye and It was all very 80's lots of big hair and shoulder pads. I still remember the catchphrase `you can't beat a bit of Bully'. Who would have thought years on I would be working for Target, the biggest brand in the darts industry. I can safely say that I have now confirmed, working for Target has given me an entirely new perspective and insight into darts.

What is it like working in the darts industry?

Fast paced, funny, exciting. It's a real mix of people and personalities but its great fun and a real buzz to be part of it.

How do you keep up with the fast pace of this industry?

I feel that the industry is trying to keep up with us.

Favourite moment since working with Target Darts?

I could not possibly narrow it down to just one. There are too many to pick from. I can say that no two days are ever the same and you just never know what the day is going to bring. I am very fortunate that everyone I work with brings something different to our team, it's very diverse and this is why we all work so well together. I have formed some amazing friendships and I am very lucky to work for a brand and with a team of people that are really passionate about what they do.

What is it like to be part of a male dominated industry?

Even though the industry is still quite male dominated, I feel like this is changing. I think attitudes and people's thought process towards this are also changing. I have certainly noticed in the last 10 years since I first joined the industry that there have been significant changes. When I first joined Target the men certainly tipped the scales in that department but then I never felt like I had to prove myself, maybe because my natural character has always been quite bold and confident and I am comfortable working with men. If I look around Target now the scales are equally balanced, we have more female staff operating in Senior Roles and have a high level of responsibility of which I greatly respect them for. I have always liked a good challenge in fairness and I have never shy away from much of anything or anyone regardless of gender. I live by the ethos that if you are an ambitious person and have drive, with some hard work and determination you will succeed.

How important is it for Target to represent women in darts and how do you think the women's game is evolving?

It's extremely important that we represent all of our players. Target are the biggest brand in the darts industry so we always put our best foot forward and we lead by example! I think it's important for us as a company to show how the industry has evolved, and demonstrate how times have changed. We as a company embrace many changes and we must welcome this because it enables our business and team to grow & evolve. We support diversity and equal opportunities within both the sport & the brand. We do not look at our players and see gender we look at them and see professionals with a huge amount of talent and we extremely lucky to have them as part of the Target family. I think it's important to highlight that there are an increased number of women and also young people moving through the darts circuit and becoming more involved in this sport, and we as a brand should continue to encourage, support and spread this positive message.

I have never believed in stereotypes attached to this sport, or any sport in fact. If you possess a certain set of skills and talent then it's important that you utilise them to push your passion forward in life. We are incredibly proud of all our players and everything they have already achieved and I am sure will continue to achieve in their professional careers

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