23 Mar, 2020

We've just launched our first Target Nexus League.

To start, join our 'Target Nexus League' Facebook group'. All information on the league, entries into tournaments, updates and results will be posted there.

How many tournaments will there be?

For two weeks (started 22 March 2020), there will be 2 tournaments per day:

European Tournaments starts at 18:00 GMT Mon - Fri / 17:00 GMT Sat-Sun

American Tournaments starts at 18:00 CST Mon - Fri / 17:00 CST Sat-Sun

Can I enter both the European and American Tournaments?

Yes. You earn points for every game you participate in so the more you take part, the more points you gain.

How do I earn points?

You earn one point for every game you play, pus an extra point if you win the entire tournament. For example, if there are 32 people participating in the European tournament for that day, and you win the whole thing, we could split up the points you gain like this:

  • Reaching round of 32 - 1 point
  • Reaching round of 16 - 1 point
  • Reaching Quarter-Final - 1 point
  • Reaching Semi-Final - 1 point
  • Reaching the final - 1 point
  • Winning the final - 1 point

(total 6 points)

Whoever has the most points tallied at the end of the two weeks will be the winner for this league. A play off may occur if multiple entrants have the same final points.

What else do I need to do?

Once a game has been completed, please inform us of the result through either a direct message or by commenting below the relevant bracket photo for that tournament. If playing multiple games (i.e. a best of three) you'll need to send us photos or inform us for each game of the set, but this can be done at the same time after its conclusion. The results will be processed as soon as possible.

When does registration open?

Registration opens the day before the tournament is due to start. Entry is open for 5 hours:

European tournaments 09:00 GMT - 14:00 GMT

American tournaments 09:00 CTS - 14:00 CST

How do I register?

Go to the 'Target Nexus League' Facebook group and comment with your Nexus user name under the relevant tournament post you wish to enter. Note that you must register for each tournament you want to participate in.

What am I playing for?

Bragging rights! This is just for fun.

We are currently running this as a two week trial - so let's see after that! As this is a test, we are constantly making tweaks and welcome any feedback you have.

Full rules, more details plus all updates and results will be posted in the group 'Target Nexus League' on Facebook so make sure you are a member.

We look forward to seeing you get involved! #TargetNexusLeague

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