29 Jan, 2021

Since winning the BDO World Championship in 2014, Stephen Bunting has continued to show he is one of the most prolific players on the oche and his performance in 2020 was no exception.

After making it to the last 16 at the UK Open and numerous strong runs in Player Championship events, Stephen secured himself a spot at the World Grand Prix - unfortunately, this campaign was a non-starter after testing positive for COVID-19. Undeterred, The 'Bullet' bounced back in spectacular fashion with a deep run to the semi-finals at the 2021 World Championship where he was knocked out by the eventual champion Gerwyn Price.

Throughout last year Stephen has been using and testing his new set of darts, designed exclusively between him and our team at Target. The outcome is his new Generation 4 which the 'Bullet' believes will 'take him to the next level'.

Tell us about your new darts.

I absolutely love these darts. I have been using them for a while now and I feel like they will take my game to the next level. The guys at Target sent me a sample and I instantly fell in love with them - I wanted these darts to help improve both my scoring and my doubles.

As people know, my last dart had a smooth barrel, which when my hands were cold I felt like they would slip out and go wayward. The Gen 4 has the perfect grip and I find myself throwing a lot more consistently which is helping me hit higher averages.

How did you work with Target on the design?

I got in touch with Target and asked for a new barrel design, I told them my favourite colour is red and I wanted the new dart to have the wow factor. After a couple of months of testing, they brought me this final design and it is safe to say they did not disappoint with it.

What sort of player would you recommend this dart to?

All players. It's such a wonderfully well-balanced dart and incredibly easy to throw. It has a lovely grip that is perfect wherever you hold it.

How do you find the Target Swiss Point system?

It is my favourite invention in darts. I normally get my friends to repoint my darts as I found it difficult to use the machines to pull them out and replace them, but now within a minute, I can have all three points changed. It's an unbelievable and ingenious design by Target.

Tell us why you throw 12g, isn't this much lighter than usual darts?

I first started with 18g copper darts but due to material they eventually wore down to 12g, but I realised I preferred that weight, so I stuck with it. For me, a lighter barrel feels a lot easier to throw.

You unfortunately missed out on the Grand Slam - how did you recover from this disappointment?

I do not think you get over this kind of disappointment too easily, I had no symptoms [of COVID-19] which made it a bitter pill to swallow; However, it made me very determined to get on the practice board and put things right.

Tell us your feelings towards your World Championship run this year.

I still feel like I am floating on a cloud to be honest, the confidence I have gained from that one event will help me carry on through the season and beyond. I am so happy that I have shown people small glimpses of what I can achieve and where these darts can take me.

What are your goals for next year?

To win a TV event and get myself into the Europeans again, as well as getting a few Pro Tour events to my name.

Do you have a message to your fans?

Thank you all for your support, I know it has been a tough time over the past few years, but I am trying my best all the time to improve. You guys are a massive driving force behind me and I appreciate all your well wishes and support. Stay safe guys and hope to see you all soon.

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