15 Apr, 2021

"Jackpot" became Team Target's first world champion and has just extended his deal with what he calls "the best darts manufacturer in the world", and believes it is a platform upon which he can re-establish himself among the world's elite.

Target's two-time World Champion Adrian Lewis says he feels like he is starting his professional darts career all over again, as he looks to fight his way back up the world rankings.

James Tattersall, Target's Managing Director said on signing the new deal, "Adrian is such a natural talent and a two-time World Champion, it's a real pleasure to re-new our agreement and begin this next chapter"

How does it feel to have signed a new deal with Target?

Target in my opinion is the best darts manufacturer in the world, so it is great news to re-sign with them.

You are a player that tinkers with your darts, are Target happy to swap things for you?

I do like to swap things around! Garry and everyone at Target are helpful and happy to help, it is great that I am able to move things around.

What has the last year been like for you?

It has been difficult; I am used to playing 3 - 4 tournaments a month so going from that to only playing a few times a year has been very different. It has been the same for everybody and that is what you must keep telling yourself. I am just happy I have still been able to continue playing throughout the pandemic.

Last year the Matchplay was important, and you managed to get to the quarter-final. How did it feel to be out there playing some great darts?

Yes, that's right, I mean I wasn't playing my best but I just kept going really, that is my plan for the next upcoming season.

You seem more settled in your style of play, are you settled now?

Most defiantly, I am trying not to throw overly fast or slow just in the middle really and it works for me.

You have certainly made changes to your lifestyle with the Tyson Fury exercise plan you have been following, you have lost a load of weight, haven't you?

I have lost a fair bit; I was doing that for around 4 months. I have been eating healthy too, just looking after myself really as I am not a spring chicken anymore!

Do you think that is something players are having to do more of as it is getting harder to play in the tournaments?

I think so. When I first joined PDC there was nowhere near as many tournaments as there are now. When you are there at 9 am in the morning and don't finish until 5 pm or 6 pm in the evening - it is a long day. I think a lot of it is to do with the mental side of it too.

Speaking of the mental side of the game I imagine that is one of the most difficult things to maintain when there isn't that much opportunity to play or you aren't playing for a long period of time?

Yes definitely. Due to COVID last year when I was not getting the results in competitions I was left with a lot of time to reflect on my losses. I wasn't playing for up to 3 months at a time when normally you would lose one weekend and you can tell yourself you will put it right the next weekend.

The Premier League has kicked off; you're not involved this year but is that one of your targets to get back to a point to where you are them?

My first goal is to qualify for the big TV events and then of course eventually I would like to get back to the Premier League and similar tournaments.

Do you feel like you have had to start from scratch now because of the pandemic?

I would say it is a fresh start. Hopefully, we are coming towards the end of the pandemic and things can start getting back to normal so things will begin to get going again.

The main thing is forgetting how much I've won, how much I have lost and how long I have been around and to start afresh by hitting the ground running.

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