24 Jan, 2022

Last weekend saw the beginning of the 2022 PDC Challenge Tour. The competition which is made up from players who have competed at both the UK & European Q-School events is an opportunity for those participating to get their hands on a PDC Tour Card as well as earning themselves a spot in the World Championship in December.

Team Target had 10 stars compete across the 3-day event, we take a look at our top 3 performers from Milton Keynes;


'Boom Boom' had a very solid Challenge Tour debut as the 16-year-old managed to produce arguably Team Target's most consistent run across the weekend. Leighton picked up a respectable £450 which included a quarter-final run in event 4. A frustrating final day hindered his chances of breaking inside the top 10, however, the young man has left himself in 27th on the Order of Merit, a good position to set himself up for the rest of the season.


The North American star almost had the perfect start to the season as he made a sensational run to the semi-final on event 1 but lost out to the day's eventual winner Scott Williams. He was defeated 5-1 in his final clash, however, his 93 average in that match would have probably won him a spot in the final if he had drawn a different opponent. Danny's efforts across the weekend helped him pick up an impressive £600 which leaves him 22nd in the rankings.


Jarred Cole was exceptionally unlucky not to gain a Tour Card at Q-School but he will be looking to put that right at this year's Challenge Tour. It wasn't quite the start he would have hoped for but a run to the final 16 on day 2 has boosted him up the rankings which means he sits just outside the top 50 with £250 in prize money to his name, meaning he has a strong base to work on going forward.


Danny Lauby: SF / T256 / T128 / T64 / T64

Leighton Bennett: T64 / T128 / T32 / QF / T256

Jarred Cole: T64 / T16 / T128 / T256 / T256

Christ Quantock: T128 / T512 / T64 / T64 / T64

Alan Norris: T256 / T128 / T32 / T256 / T64

Nathan Girvan: T256 / T64 / T32 / T128 / T256

James Beeton: T256 / T256 / T256 / T256 / T64

Tomas Houdek: T128 / T256 / T64 / T512 / T256 / T256

Jack Vincent: T256 / T256 / T128 / T256 / T256

Nathan Care: T256 / T128 / T512 / T256 / T256


Danny Lauby: 22nd

Leighton Bennett: 27th

Jarred Cole: 53rd

Christ Quantock: 76th

Alan Norris: 77th

Nathan Girvan: 83rd

James Beeton: 124th

Tomas Houdek: 144th

Jack Vincent: 164th

Nathan Care: 164th

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