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Dart shafts (also known as stems) form the backbone of your darts, connecting the barrel to the flight. Often underestimated, their influence on your dart's stability and flight path is unparalleled.


Let's delve into the world of dart shafts uncovering the difference in the materials and how they impact your playstyle.


Nylon Shafts

Nylon shafts are favoured for their versatility and durability. Designed to withstand the rigors of darts, nylon shafts offer a balance between flexibility and sturdiness.

Titanium Shafts

Players seeking the perfect balance between strength and lightweight performance, titanium shafts are the ideal choice. Crafted from titanium, the shafts offer unparalleled durability and minimal weight.

Aluminium Shafts

Aluminium are a staple in the darting world from their time-tested performance. Renowned for their stability and consistent flights, aluminium shaft offer exceptional control during your throw.

Unleash your creativity and craft your dart to suit your playstyle. Combine different shaft materials, lengths, and flight styles to find the perfect fit. With the right setup for you, you'll be surprised by your improvement in accuracy and control, raising your darting prowess to new heights.

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