23 Apr, 2020

As our Bolide range is the latest collection of darts fitted with the Swiss Point system we felt it was a good time to talk about the Swiss Point journey so far. Let's start with why we spent 2 years designing it in the first place.

Over the years we have seen a huge increase in the number of players using non-standard points for a multitude of reasons. For example, players such as Phil Taylor used the diamond Pro point for extra board grip. Others used Storm Points to reduce deflections and flight wear. Many players whose grip touches the point use FirePoints to extend their grip beyond the barrel. In each iteration there are multiple point lengths that alter the dynamic of the dart and the angle it sits in the board. At Target we wanted to save players the expense of large heavy equipment to change points or the cost of paying someone to do it for them. We set out to make changing your points as simple as changing your shafts or your flights.

It took 2 years of constant sampling and testing to refine the system with the result being Swiss Point, thus named to highlight the intricate and detailed machining work required to produce.

We faced a huge number of technical and engineering challenges to make Swiss Point work. Firstly, how to make sure the points don't come out of the barrel during play? When you screw metal to metal it is very easy to rattle free, especially on darts that are being thrown around. We solved this with the 3.5 degree taper inside the barrel and on the rear of the point. This required very intricate, difficult engineering process.

The second biggest problem was what happens if a point breaks flush with the barrel? Once you laser, cut or machine points such as Firepoint or Storm, it becomes slightly weaker than a standard un-touched point - though many standard points still break over time. With the old point system, a point broken flush with the barrel required drilling out. At Target we offered this service for free for players with Target points. However for players, this meant sending their darts away for over a week to be repaired. With Swiss Point and its intricate 3.5 degree taper in the barrel, it simply isn't possible to do this. So the solution was the engineered groove to ensure that if the point did break due to hitting a hard floor or a nasty bounce out, then it would break in the right place. Meaning in a matter of seconds a player could remove the broken point and replace, just like with a broken shaft or flight.

So Swiss point solved it all. Change your point's quickly and affordably, prevent flush point breaks and enable your dart to be fully customisable.

Since we launched Swiss Point in September 2019 we have made gradual improvements with the points as we learn from real world feedback. Now the Swiss Points are far stronger and more durable than before.

We originally launch the SP system with its namesake signature range of Swiss Point darts with plans to gradually make the system available across the Target range. On first seeing the system Mr Taylor insisted on having this on his own set of darts with the Taylor G6 range. Since then we brought out an SP version of the best-selling Agora and Vapor ranges to bring Swiss Point to the masses with great success.

We now bring you the Swiss Point system in the affordable Bolide range, giving you the chance to try Swiss point at a lower cost.

We have also expanded the range of point colours to Gold to match our standard point offerings. Now that you can change your points in seconds, players are carrying spare set's to change depending on the condition of the dartboard they are playing on. To carry these additional points and to also change them quickly and easily, we introduced the new Swiss Safe made from aluminium and featuring magnet's to keep your points safe and secure.

It's been a great journey so far, but it's really only just started…

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