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Blackburn Youth Darts Academy has been in partnership with Target for a number of years and growing to become an Elite 1 affiliated academy. This provides the youth players attending Blackburn Youth Darts Academy with more opportunities  and will create a clear pathway of progression for them to aspire to.

Blackburn Youth darts players enjoying a competitive matchBlackburn Youth darts players enjoying a competitive match

Formed in 2017 by Keith Brunt after talking with local talent and Target player, Bradley Brooks, about the lack of opportunities for young people in the area for the sport. Since then, Blackburn Youth Darts Academy has grown bigger and better each year, and has made some amazing achievements over the years.

"We want to help all our Youth Academies to play at the highest level and our only goal is to support them in any way possible, whether they’re playing county darts or they’re playing in the junior tour, we’re just here to provide them with as much support as we can. Blackburn already have players that are ready to play competitively and we’re really looking forward to helping them do so."

- James Tattersall, Managing Director

The academy has had students qualify every year for the JDC World Championships and had had 3 students, including Target's Nathan Care and Archie Macleod, chosen to play for England.

Blackburn Youth darts player throwing a dart at a dartboardBlackburn Youth darts player throwing a dart at a dartboard

"We are super excited and proud to become a Target Elite 1 Affiliated Academy. We have lots of talented students here at Blackburn and to have the ability to provide them with even more opportunities and a clear progression pathway is something we are passionate about. We look forward to continuing our Partnership with Target with this new initiative as we take a step beyond and continue aiming for the future."

- Keith Brunt, Academy Director

Join Blackburn Youth Darts Academy

Meet every Saturday 1.30pm - 4.30pm


St Pauls WMC




Lead: Keith Brunt


Want to become an Elite 1 affiliated Academy?

Reach out to us @TargetElite1 on Twitter if you run a Darts Academy and wish to become affiliated.

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