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The dart barrel shape is the core of your dart, dictating how it feels in your hand and how it travels through the air. Each shape offers unique attributes that can impact your darts experience, so choosing the right barrel for you is essential.


Front Loaded Barrel

Front Loaded barrels feature the majority of the weight concentrated towards the front end. This design promotes a natural forward trajectory, giving you enhanced control during release.


Front Loaded barrels are favored by players who prefer a strong and stable feel as they release their darts.

Front Tapered Barrel

Front Tapered barrels exhibit a gradual decrease in thickness towards the front. This streamlined design reduces air resistance, allowing your darts to slice through the air with minimal interference.


Players who prioritize a smooth and swift flight often gravitate towards Front Tapered barrels.

Rear Tapered Barrel

Rear Tapered barrels taper towards the rear, providing players with a comfortable grip closer to the dart's center of gravity. This balanced design allows for precise control, making Rear Tapered barrels a popular choice among players seeking equilibrium between stability and comfort.

Scalloped Barrel

Scalloped barrels feature shallow cutouts along the barrel, providing multiple grip points for players. The scalloped texture ensures a secure and consistent hold, reducing the risk of slippage during throws.


Players who value a versatile grip often appreciate the advantages of Scalloped barrels.

Straight Barrel

Straight barrels maintain a consistent diameter along their length, offering a classic and straightforward design. The uniform shape ensures steady and predictable flight, catering to players who seek simplicity and reliability in their darting experience.

Torpedo Barrel

Torpedo barrels boast a sleek and streamlined profile, narrowing towards the point. This aerodynamic shape reduces drag, making Torpedo barrels ideal for players who prefer high-speed and powerful throws. Embrace the dynamic energy of Torpedo barrels as you unleash your darting prowess.

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