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Each dart material offers its own unique attributes and finding the right material that aligns with your playstyle and preference is essential. Get ready to elevate your dart game with the perfect dart material for unmatched accuracy and control.


Brass Darts

Brass darts are the perfect entry point into the world of darts. Known for their affordability, brass darts offer a comfortable weight for beginner players seeking to take their first step into the sport.

80% Tungsten Darts

80% tungsten darts strike an ideal balance between performance and affordability. The tungsten content enhances the dart's density, providing improved control and balance.


Experience a significant step-up from brass with the 80% tungsten darts as you refine your throwing technique.

90% Tungsten Darts

The preferred choice of serious players seeking optimal performance, 90% tungsten introduces a higher tungsten content granting the dart a slimmer profile without sacrificing weight.


Enjoy exceptional control and precision as you aim for the bull.

95% Tungsten Darts

For the dart players who demand nothing but perfection, 95% tungsten darts offer an unparalleled experience. The increased tungsten concentration results in an ultra-slim barrel minimising bounce-outs and maximising your scores.


Elevate your game to the pinnacle of precision with 95% tungsten darts.

97.5% Tungsten Darts

Champions seek out the best of the best, and 97.5% tungsten is the ultimate choice. These elite darts offer the highest tungsten delivering an unrivalled level of control and stability.


Explore the pinnacle of darts to help you hit those 180s.

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