Terry Pelle
Web Manager

1.Why Target? It's a creative and innovative company that is forever pushing boundaries but at the same time listening closely the customer needs.

2.What's it like to work for Target? Exciting. No two days are the same. I like the fact that it's forever challenging my perceptions which keeps me interested.

3.If you were an animal what would you be and why? It would be an Owl. They possess strength, imaginative, enthusiastically curious, laid-back nature and independence

4.Tell us something interesting about you/a fun fact? I was in an A&R person and DJ in the music industry which is the perfect place for a music addict to feed his addiction. Now retired from DJing but still have my vinyl and CD (does that format still exist?) music collection of over 30,000 and I honestly don't know how many many thousands of MP3 files I have which still causes storage and family arguments. But It's still my passion.

5.What is your favourite Target Dart? As a complete newbie to the world of darts I would have to say the Paul Lim Legend G2 - It's radial grooves and coated rings appeal to my computer nerd sensibilities.

6.How would you rate yourself as a dart player? Errmm…next question! Need to practise a hellva lot just to pass as average.

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