Mandy Veitch

1. Why Target? The Target brand is renowned for its innovative design and quality. I first worked at Target as a summer job which I really enjoyed. So when the opportunity came up to work at Target again, I accepted without hesitation.

2. What's it like to work for Target? Target is a great brand to work for, it's dynamic, exciting and every day is different!

3. If you were an animal what would you be and why? I would be a dolphin as they are playful, friendly and enjoy life just swimming around in the sea all day.

4. Tell us something interesting about you/a fun fact? I'm nutty about chocolate & avocado, and I'm building up the courage to try the two on toast together!!!

5. What is your favourite Target Dart? Carrera Sport Cruise

6. How would you rate yourself as a dart player? Err non existent

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