Sales Operations Manager

1.Why Target? It's the leading brand in the dart industry, its modernised the darts world and they are never afraid to push those limits to that next level!

2.What's it like to work for Target? It's all go, go, go… I have watched it grow over the years into this amazing brand who have achieved so much. It's not just a business it's a family.

3.If you were an animal what would you be and why? I speak Dolphin, so I guess that means I could be one, however, I would WANT to be a Unicorn, they are magical, playful and I could paint the world in sparkles… who would not want to be a unicorn if only for a day?

4.Tell us something interesting about you/a fun fact? I have 10 tattoos, my hair has been every colour of the rainbow and I have been told I have a phone voice that replicates that of a 60-year-old woman?

5.What is your favourite Target Dart? Agora, classically simple

6.How would you rate yourself as a dart player? Durhhhh I'm clearly amazing! NOT.

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