Ashlee Bloom
Marketing Executive

1.Why Target? Target change the perceptions of darts and what the sport of darts is to the public. They were managing to make darts look cool & chic to normal people who may not have ever considered the sport before, they made darts desirable - that for me is the kind of brand I wanted to work for.

2.What's it like to work for Target? It's busy, exciting and highly rewarding. Everyone who works here is driven to make a mark in the industry and to constantly innovate and develop - this, in turn, creates a team culture where we all support each other to grow and develop.

3.If you were an animal what would you be and why? I would be an Otter! They live in the moment and want to experience life to the max. They are incredibly playful, generous, and optimistic. They love being social and having new experiences. And they're mighty cute!

4.Tell us something interesting about you/a fun fact? When I was younger I got pooped on by birds....a lot! Over 10 times precisely. However, since then I would consider myself very lucky and I have won lots of competitions with prizes such as a free trip to Amsterdam.

5. What is your favourite Target Dart? My favourite dart would have to be the Carrera Sport or Wayne Mardle Gen 2, I just LOVE the Polychromatic coating (thanks Jordan Baker for the name!)

6. How would you rate yourself as a dart player? Well the PDC told me not to tell anyone yet, but I'll tell you - I'm an exclusive female qualifier for the World Championships 2020.

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