Inspired by the design and perfect form of Target’s peerless Elysian dart, Daytona Fire shares the same distinctive trapezoidal prisms, precision machined into 95% pure tungsten, and overlaid with a titanium nitride performance coating.

In Daytona Fire we are able to indulge a wider audience with the principles of faultless design and obsessive attention to detail already familiar to those previously touched by Elysian.

Technically incomparable, Daytona Fire's titanium-coated trapezoidal cut is conditioned for the most sophisticated grip, and set off with a stem formed of titanium and carbon.
Welcome to the front line of technical darting.

Discover: Daytona Fire
Trapezoidal Grip
Elysian Inspired Trapezoidal Grip
Black Titanium Nitride
Black Titanium Nitride Coating delivering enhanced grip and barrel protection
Storm Point
Vision Ultra flights
 Carbon TI shaft
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