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The support unlocking precision and consistency with throwing darts is the dart barrel grip. The style of grip plays a vital role in how you control and release the dart ensuring you hit those 180s.


Smooth Grip

Sometimes, simplicity is the ultimate grip. Smooth grip darts embrace classic elegance, offering a seamless and unobstrusive grip, ensuring your dart glides through the air effortlessly, propelled by your natural throw.

Radial Grooves Grip

Perfect for dart players looking for consistency, the radial grooves grips are precisly placed grooves ensuring uniformity along the dart barrel. This helps to provide you with a consistent release point for your dart as you maintain the same grip on each throw.

Precision Milled Grip

Precision milled grip showcases the art of craftsmanship in darts. Individually milled cuts on the dart barrel create an unique and customised grip to give you an unparalled connection with your dart, resulting in unrivalled control and finesse in your throws.

Pixel Grip

Pixel Grip delivers a visually stunning combination of form and function. Characterised by small, intricate diamond-shaped cuts on the dart barrel, Pixel Grip optimises the grip without being abrasive to the touch, helping to unleash your darting precsion.

Nano Grip

The nano grip takes darting precision ot the next level. Designed with microscopic texturing, the grip ensures optimal traction between your fingers and the barrel. With increased control and stability, you can fine-tune your throws and consistently hit your bullseyes.

Trapezoidal Grip

The trapezoidal gip boasts a symmetrical and balanced design that fosters both control and comfort. The angular cuts on the dart barrel offers a secure grip without feeling overly agressive enhancing th control and ease of release.

V Stream and Quattro Grip

The V Stream and Quattro grip styles take inspiration from advanced engineering.


V Stream incorporates deep-cut grooves in a V-shaped pattern, enhancing grip and stability. The Quattro grip features four distinct grip zones on the dart barrel, providing options for a versatile hold tailored to your preference.

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