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Whether you want to practice or play competitively, there are loads of dart games to play.


The classic test of precision and strategy, 501 is the cornerstone of darts, beloved by players worldwide.


The objective is simple: start with 501 points and work your way down to zero, finishing with a double or the elusive bullseye. Each player takes turns throwing three darts, subtracting the scored points from their initial total. The first player to reach zero exactly by hitting a double or the bullseye wins the game.


Beware of "going bust" by reducing your score below zero, as this resets your turn.


Test your darting prowess in Cricket, a thrilling and strategic game that requires careful planning and swift execution.


The game uses the numbers 15 through 20 and the bullseye as targets. The objective is to score points by hitting each target three times, closing them out. When a player closes a number, they can start scoring points on that target, and their opponent can no longer score on it. The player with the most points when all targets are closed wins the game.

Bob's 27

Improve your precision with Bob's 27, helping you to improve doubling out.


Starting with a score of 27, you go through 21 rounds of darts trying to hit the double of 1 to 20 and then the bull. If you hit a double with a dart, the total value is added to your points, whilst if you miss a double, the points are deducted from your total. If you hit zero, your game is over. For example, on round 2 if you hit a double-2, you add 4 to your total, whilst if you miss the double, 4 points are deducted.


Aim for the perfect score of 1,437!

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You can also play other dart games offline, just grab a scoreboard to keep score and you're ready to go!

Around the Clock

Embark on a darting adventure with Around the Clock!


Starting with 1 and ending with 20, players take turns hitting each number's corresponding segment in sequential order. After hitting a target, they advance to the next number. The ultimate challenge lies in finishing the sequence with a bullseye. The first player to hit the bullseye wins the game.


Missing a target or failing to advance to the next number within three throws resets the player's progress.


Prepare for a sharpshooter's delight with Shanghai!


The rules are simple - focus on a single number, say 15, and aim to hit the single, double, and triple segments of that number in three successive throws. Each successful hit on a segment earns the player points based on its value (single: 15, double: 30, triple: 45). A successful Shanghai, hitting all three segments, earns a bonus. Players take turns, and the one with the highest score at the end of the game wins.


Halve-It is a game that will put your accuracy and nerves to the test.


Starting from a set score (e.g., 301), players take turns attempting to hit specific target segments to halve their score. If they succeed, they proceed to the next halving round with the reduced score. Failure to hit the target means their score remains unchanged, or even doubles in certain rounds. The first player to successfully halve their score to zero wins the game.


Round up your friends and get ready for some friendly competition in Killer!


The game involves hitting specific target numbers to "kill" them for your opponents. Each player takes turns throwing one dart at a number they aim to hit. Once a player hits their target number three times, they become a "killer" and can aim to hit the other players' numbers to eliminate them from the game. The last player standing with at least one life left emerges victorious.


Experience the fusion of darts and baseball in this unique and enjoyable game.


Players "pitch" by hitting designated numbers on the dartboard, aiming to score runs and complete innings. Scoring is based on the numbers hit, such as singles, doubles, triples, and home runs. Three outs end the inning, and the player with the most runs at the end of the game wins.


Baseball is a home run of darting fun, and a great way to mix your love for sports with your darting skills in this entertaining and innovative game.

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