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Orders over £50 | UK only | T&C's apply.

Do I need a Darts Case?

Whether you're transporting your darts to your next tournament or keeping them safe at home, a Takoma Wallet can keep them protected.

A case is perfect to avoid getting your dart set damaged from dirt and splashes whilst the Takoma Wallet also comes with compartments to store extra flights, shafts, and Swiss Points, so you can be assured you have everything you need to keep playing at the highest level.

With the Takoma XL and Takoma Home Wallet, you can store up to 24 individual darts (8 full dart sets) and a large quantity of accessories.

Different sizes of Dart Cases

Target Darts offers three size options for Takoma Wallets: Standard, XL, and Home.

  • Standard - Stores 1 set of Darts
  • XL - Stores 2 sets of Darts
  • Home - Stores 8 sets of Darts

Each size offers storage for spare flights, shafts, and Swiss Points, within increased storage size for the larger cases.

How to choose the right Darts Case for you

If you're not going to display your darts, a Darts Case is a necessity to ensure your darts don't get damaged whilst you're not playing. If you're travelling with your darts at any stage, it is critical you don't leave them in your bag and they survive the journey to your destination.

Depending on the number of dart sets you want to store and / or transport will depend on the size of the Darts Case you will need. If you're just beginning, the standard size will be perfect, but as you start to grow your dart sets and accessories, it's recommended to consider the XL or Home sizes.

Darts Case - Target Darts offers a range of Dart Cases in a variety of sizes and designs.Darts Case - Target Darts offers a range of Dart Cases in a variety of sizes and designs.

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