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Orders over £50 | UK only | T&C's apply.

  1. Storm Surge Point Dart Points
    Storm Surge Point

    3 colours available

  2. Storm Point Grooved Dart Points
    Storm Point Grooved

    3 colours available

  3. Storm Point Smooth Dart Points
    Storm Point Smooth

    3 colours available

  4. Storm Point Nano Dart Points
    Storm Point Nano

    3 colours available

  5. Pixel Tips for Soft Tip Darts in Yellow - Available in Black, White, Orange, and Yellow
    Pixel Tips

    4 colours available

  6. Titanium Conversion Dart Points
    Titanium Conversion Point

    3 colours available


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What are Dart Points?

Dart points, also called dart tips, are the sharp tips or ends of a dart that make contact with the dartboard. Steel tip darts use a metallic point and comes in a variety of styles and lengths, whilst soft tip darts use a plastic tip that suit electronic dartboards.

Different types of Dart Points

Target Darts offers four varieties of dart points to suit both the player and dart.

  • Standard Points - The traditional dart point that is embedded into the dart barrel.
  • Swiss Points - The Target Darts patented dart technology that allows the player to easily exchange dart points with a simple tool. With a threaded point, this allows the player to change colour, length, and style of point in seconds.
  • Soft Tip Points - Specialised points dedicated to using darts on an electronic dartboard.
  • Conversion Points - Points used to convert soft tip darts to steel tip darts, so players can use the same darts no matter the dartboard used.

Does the Dart Point make a Difference?

Short answer, yes.

Target Darts offers a variety of styles to suit each player. There are the traditional smooth points in various colours and lengths, however, you can now find dart points that offer better dartboard grip and those that offer finger grip.

How to choose a Dart Point that works for you

With traditional standard points, it can be time-consuming and costly to change the dart point, so experimenting with different points isn't feasible. However, with Targets' Swiss Point Technology, you can easily switch dart points in seconds to suit your playstyle.

Whether you're looking for added dartboard grip with the Swiss Diamond Pro Point or added finger grip with the Swiss DS Point, you can find a wide selection of dart points to suit and personalise your darts.

2BA Swiss Converter

You can now easily convert your soft tip darts to a Swiss Point steel tip dart with the 2BA Swiss Converter. Adding just 2.57g to each dart, the converter allows you to use any Swiss Dart Point with a soft tip dart for true flexibility.

Dart Points - Target Darts offers a range of Dart Points including standard points, soft tip points, conversion points, and Target's patented Swiss Point Technology.Dart Points - Target Darts offers a range of Dart Points including standard points, soft tip points, conversion points, and Target's patented Swiss Point Technology.

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