11 Feb, 2020

Love it, or loath it, Valentine's Day waits for no one and neither will the other half if you don't nail the gift. Whether you are still searching for the perfect present or last minute panic buying, you have come to the right place. We have done the hard work and created the ultimate Target Dart's Valentine's day cheeky gift guide. You'll be sure to hit the spot with these Valentines inspired gifts and if you hurry, you will even receive them in time for Friday with our free next day delivery*.

*free next day delivery on orders over £50

The Passionate Lover

Ferocious and fiery, feel the burn with our Daytona Fire, this dart will seduce you into a spellbound trance, terrifying yet thrilling but certain to hit all those hotspots!

The Romantic Lover

Flights that will make you flutter! Feel the wind beneath your wings as you take your romance to majestic heights with this beautiful range, this is the perfect gift to make your lover giddy this valentines.

The Fast Lover

Rapid Ricky Evans, this is not a dart for the faint HEARTED! If you have a need for speed and want to ramp up those records! Then this saucy little number is perfect for you.

The Jealous Lover

Behold the Green eyed monster 'Agora' this emerald beauty in all its glory, will drive your desires to the next darting level. One bite of its forbidden fruit, will leave you lustful and hungry. Beware It shall rot you to your core, but will always leave you wanting more.

The Safe Lover

The cautious type, sure but steady does it. It's reliable yet compact but certain to always protect ones equipment! This one may start slow but finishes with a bang! Will these tickle your fancy?

The Maverick

This one likes to live on the edge, pushing those boundaries! The 'Swiss' is fierce and strong, it's brilliant but bends the rules. Its dominant leadership in love turns heads, but watch out if you're not careful this one will rule your heart!

The Free Lover

Its bold, it's diverse, it's fun and cheeky, yes it's the one and only Pro-Grip! It appeals to everyone and peaks curiosity, frolic amongst these vivacious colours. Just follow that Rainbow and you will be sure to find love at the end.

The Hopeless Romantic

The perfect opportunity not to just to raise your game, but to raise those temperatures. Sometimes under estimated in love but a real contender and one to watch! Go on press those buttons, for a night of indoor fun. Everyone loves a bit of Nexus & Chill!

The Forgetful Lover

This one strives to make that special impression but forgets those key calendar dates. Stuck for ideas? Don't panic we have your back! Our Target Valentines gift card can save the day, plenty of lovely Target products suitable for all! What better way to treat your partner on this special occasion.

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