11 Jul, 2019

James Butcher - Creative Director, Target

At Target we make darts. Beautiful, considered, precision pieces of engineering excellence. But you know that. We also try to give an experience to everyone that sees, hears and touches Target. My job is to make sure what you see reflects Target and challenges your expectations. Every day is a chance to create something new, the chance to excite. Everything needs to be perfect before it heads out of the door. The team in the UK work closely with the team in China, who work closely with the team in Japan, who work closely with the team in the UK. It's a worldwide effort from people who love what they do.

Target China is a wholly owned part of the company that perfectly defines us. Our team of 65 in China engineer, manufacture and pack in the same precise and loving way that the UK and Japan does with their parts of the jigsaw.

Every time I visit Target China, it reaffirms my thoughts on Target as a company. Every detail has been thought through to create a product that backs up the brand. After all the hype, all the social media, the photography, the players, the glossy packaging. After all of that, the product needs to be perfect. And it is. The reason for that is Target China and the work they do with our designers in the UK and Japan.

Our factory isn't just a factory. It's a shining example of what Target stands for. The billet room is a library of Tungsten with every density, length and diameter catered for. The spotless milling machines are state of the art. If we wanted to make precision watches, we could! The quality control area is like a science lab, perfection guaranteed. The packing rooms are a hive of activity and everything is carefully shipped out of the main entrance to expectant customers all around the world.

Target isn't a machine that just churns out products. It's a living thing made up of every Target employee whose love for what they do means we make amazing things. We are going to give a more detailed insight into how the company works and what goes into every Target product soon.

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