13 Feb, 2021

At Target we set our bar high. We are on a constant quest to reach new heights and push to step beyond our comfort zone. Our employees are at the forefront of this movement and work endlessly to bring you the latest in darts.

Our design team play a pivotal part in the creation and innovation of our products - in this episode we sit down with our Creative Director James Butcher to find out more about working at Target.

How many years have you worked at Target Darts

I'm 4 years into the best job I've ever had!

What does your job role entail?

I oversee everything you see and touch that is created by Target. We have a team of creatives that make beautiful things that we hope our customers love as much as we do.

Why did you choose to work at Target Darts?

It was a local company that was doing world beating things.

What makes Target Darts a great place to work?

The people and the challenges. The expectation to do great things is on everyone and that pushes the entire team to achieve just that. Everyone who works at Target has the chance to make their own mark.

How is Target Darts helping with your personal development?

Target has expanded my expectations on what's possible. Working for an in-house design team means that we can control and have influence on every part of the process. I now look at projects as a whole rather than working on different parts separately. My expectations on what's possible have risen as a result.

What is your ultimate career goal?

I'm driven by whatever's new, so as long as there are ideas on the table, I'm happy.

Have you always been a darts fan? If not are you one now?

I didn't know that much about darts before I started at Target. I'm now a dedicated fan of the sport. I love the psychology and personalities that compete at a world level and the precision that goes into their equipment.

What is it like working in the darts industry?

It's a global industry that is full of opportunities and personalities. I love it!

How do you keep up with the fast pace of this industry?

I think it's the other way round. The industry is trying to keep up with us.

Favourite moment since working with Target Darts?

Playing doubles with Paul Lim in Tokyo. Paul is such a nice guy and a dedicated advocate of the sport. Getting to go out to Japan to work with Target JP is amazing. I need to get back soon for my sushi fix!

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