13 Dec, 2018

Winning is done in the shadows, long before the lights go up.

This time last year we were over the moon to reveal first TV advertising campaign by any darts brand. Our campaign – Step Beyond starred the legendary 16 x World Champion Phil Taylor, and it told the story of a young darts player who stepped beyond his limitations to find his inner power and went on to achieve his dreams

Shortly after the campaign hit TV's and digital screens all over the world, the story was brought to life when a young darts player - our very own Rob 'Voltage' Cross achieved the ultimate dream. The young electrician stepped beyond his limitations, and found his inner power during his debut year on the darts scene, only to eventually stand face to face with Phil Taylor himself, in the finals of the World Championships.

The message behind the campaign was that you do not need to come from a certain profession, be a certain age, race, gender, height or weight to be a great darts player. What you need is passion, practice, determination and of course the right equipment.

The 'Step Beyond' ethos runs through everything we have done since that campaign, it's our brand strap-line and it is at the heart of every decision we make. We pride ourselves on being the pioneers of the 'new', and we will continue to change the way darts products are marketing, bringing the game and our ethos into all aspects of Target.

It is with that said that we are pleased to announce the launch of our new multimedia campaign across several countries around the world.

Over the Christmas period the campaign will span TV, Social Media and VOD. Television spots, each scheduled to air throughout the World Darts Championship on Sky Sports, with further activity poised across the likes of BT Sports, Dave and the Discovery Channel.

Our TV presence will be amplified by further activity on Sky Go in the form of six-second pre-rolls, and also a social media campaign across eleven countries, including Germany, France, the USA, Canada, Australia and Czech Republic.

This year's PDC World Darts Championships marks the first time that women have been able to qualify, with two female competitors ready to lock horns with their male counterparts. Taking centre stage in our campaign are Target's own Mikuru Suzuki and Lorraine Winstanley; a reflection on our steadfast support for this long-awaited moment in the sport of darts.

World Champions Rob Cross, Phil Taylor and Stephen Bunting are amongst the star-studded darts cast in the campaign, which reveals the behind the scenes of a major darts tournament. The campaign tells the story of a female darts player who has defied convention and has been able to play against their male counterparts. Revealing the identity of our female player at the end is intended to change perceptions about women in darts, challenge stereotypes and follows on from our efforts to better serve female players.

This campaign alongside the launch of Lorraine Winstanley's darts will hopefully help to fuel this empowering movement and help to drive female participation in darts.

Target Darts: Behind The Scenes
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