9 Jun, 2020

You asked, we listened. After a lot of development and testing, we are excited to introduce the eagerly anticipated arrival of Online Play to our Target DartCounter app!

What is Online Play?

You can now play friends from anywhere. It's been developed with our users in mind so it's super easy to invite friends to play online. And that's not where the new feature ends; take a break from 1, 3 or 5 minutes during a match (up-to 2 times), save a game and continue it later, plus edit your score if you entered it incorrectly.

Is this free?

The great news is that with the free version, you can play up-to 3 online games every week. As it won't cost you a penny, just download the app and give it try. For our users that want more, there is a paid membership option which will give you unlimited online play so you can engage all day and night should you want to!

Take me to the app download!

Target DartCounter is available on multiple platforms. There is also a mobile app for Android, and a mobile app for iOS. Learn more at the Target Dartcounter website.

Download now at the App Store

Download now at the Play Store

We are listening.

We are always listening and value your feedback. Whilst we have lots of new things in the pipeline, we also want to ensure that what we do roll out is to the highest of standards. Online Play is new - we've tested, tested AND tested it but if you experience any issues with the feature, please drop us an email and we'll investigate any bugs as soon as we can.

How are we doing?

We hope you enjoy using Online play and if you love it, let us know by leaving us a review in the app store!

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