16 Aug, 2019

Every year before the big Target launch occurs, we look back on our milestone products that evolved the darts industry to what it is today. The worldwide team at Target endelssly strive to bring fresh design, quality and innovation to everyone who loves the darts by creating game changing products that are a step beyond the rest. Read on as we explore our pivotal Target launches from the past and look ahead to ones of the future.

2012 Carrera - the birth of an icon.

The introduction of the Carrera dart was the first of many milestones for Target. Carrera and its revolutionary pixel grip technology made a dart that put Target on the map. Being one of the most popular ranges to this day, the Carrera is available in many different barrel sizes to suit most playing styles.

View the Carrera range here.

2014 Phil Taylor Power 9-Five Gen 1

In conjunction with the 16 x World Champion, Phil 'The Power' Taylor, the unparalleled dart was launched. Having 90 individually machined axial pixel grips to create a unique and tactile dart, the range were made to live up to the standards of the most successful world champion of all time.

2015 Elysian - The dart of the future.

The world's first ever high concept dart that was released as a limited edition of 400 sets - 200 steel tip and 200 soft tip. It is more than precision, it is an art. With each barrel taking 1 hour to machine, Elysian's detail is the the epitome of being a step beyond the rest.

2016 Corona Vision - The lighting system that changed the industry.

Corona expanded the previously succesful Vision 360 with a simple magnetic attachement. The shadowless LED technology was the first of its type to provide a consistent light regardless of the ambient lighting in your darts room.

2016 Daytona Fire - Born from Elysian.

Daytona Fire emodied the technology and attention to detail from the Elysian and made it available to a wider audience.The trapezoidal grip and smooth transition from point to flight makes a highly areodynamic dart with a stunning look. Being the front line of technical darting, Daytona Fire continues to set the bar for darts brands.

View the Daytona range here.

2017 Raymond van Barneveld's RVB 95 Gen 1

From securing 5 World Championship titles to bringing the love of darts to an entire nation, Raymond van Barneveld deserved nothing less than an absolute legendary dart - and we delivered. The first dart to RVB's range was cut with a combination of trapezoidal milling at the front and contrasting radial grooves at the back to produce excellent results for Raymond's unique throwing style.

2019 September Target Launch - Normal will change.

Since the start of Target Darts in 2006 we have built a reputation for fresh, innovative design, premium product quality and impeccable craftsmanship. By creating exceptional products and working with the best in the game, it is our mission to inspire people to step beyond their limits, improve their performance and experience transformative impact. Stay tuned on the 3rd September, 2019 to experience the biggest change in darts to this date.

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