14 Aug, 2020

We are pleased to welcome the newest arrival to our Elite 1 programme, Lewy Williams. Lewy is a superb young talent from Swansea who impressed at this year's UK Open. He qualified at Riley's in Sheffield and went on to make it to the last 64 leaving big names such as Adrian Gray & José de Sousa in his wake. We sat down and had a chat with Lewy to find out more about him.

How does it feel to be joining the Elite 1 training programme?

I am over the moon to be signing for arguably the biggest and best darts manufacturer in the world.

How did you find playing against some of the Elite 1 members in the recent Elite 1 Home League?

It was very tough, I know them well, so I know they are cracking players. To finish top of the league after all the games was a good start. I was happy to finish runner-up as to be up against Keane Barry in the final was always going to be tough.

Who do you think will be a future champion from Elite 1?

Myself now! But I do think anyone in Elite 1 has the potential to be a World Champion.

How do you find training with Nathan Aspinall?

I train with him once or twice a week and I find its great for us both. It's so important for me to train against the best in the world and it's great to see where my game is at. I've managed to beat Nathan a fair few times which has been a huge boost for my confidence.

How did you feel qualifying for the UK Open this year?

It was an incredible feeling. It started getting even more real once I arrived in Minehead. The standard at Riley's is so high - there are so many good players. To qualify shows that I can compete with the best.

How did you find the UK Open?

I went there knowing I was playing well but I just wanted to go and enjoy it and avoid worrying too much about my results. When I stepped on the stage, I felt confident and believed that I could win - I was more nervous doing the TV interviews! I thought it was a strong start to my professional career and my performance at the UK Open has boosted my confidence sky high.

What are your plans going forward?

I have the Development Tour starting again in September and then hopefully I can get into the World Youth finals and of course will try to win that. After that I will be focussing on the Challenge Tour and any other upcoming events.

Which darts player do you look up to?

Phil Taylor. From such a young age I have been trying to replicate the way he plays, the way he goes about darts and his attitude towards everything.

Which current darts player would you love to play?

I fancy my chances against anyone as I practice with Nathan all the time, but I would love to play Adrian Lewis as he's another player that inspired me in darts.

When and how did you first get into darts?

I used to play a lot of football, but the games kept getting called off due to poor weather, so I used to go down to the pub with my dad to watch some football and play darts. One day a few locals saw that I could play and asked me to join their local team. After joining I managed to win a few singles leagues which got me picked up by Wales and it all went from there.

Where abouts are you from and what is the darts scene like there?

I live in Liverpool now but I came from Swansea - darts is fairly big down there however since moving to Liverpool the darts scene is so much bigger, there are tournaments 3 or 4 times a week which helps a lot with maintaining that competitive edge.

How old was you when you hit your first 180?

About 13!

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