19 May, 2020

We are proud and excited to announce that Target has officially joined forces with one of the best online apps for keeping track of your dart scores. DartCounter, welcome to the #TeamTarget family!

Our mission at Target is to bring fresh design, quality and innovation. The dedication and passion behind DartCounter complement our beliefs making it the prefect partnership.

DartCounter is the platform for tracking your scores. Play x01 games, Cricket, Bob's 27 and several other training games and your scores will even be announced by MasterCaller Ray Martin! Challenge your friends or compete with dartbot - either way, its FREE to download.

If you want to use the free app, it's simple. Just create an account and start using the free features straight away. If that's not enough, there is a paid membership option where you can access even more.

With a 4.8* rating in the App Store and 4.6* rating on Google Play - it's probably time to check out the TARGET DARTCOUNTER app if you haven't already!

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