31 Oct, 2019

We all know that sweets are the best part of Halloween but, here is something you might not know… you can mix in the darts to your Halloween festivities this year. We have rounded up a 'spooktacular' selection of Target products for you, that will be sure to strike fear into your opponents this Halloween.

"The Vaporous Vixen” – Vapor8 Black Purple

Mysterious and tempting, she captivates with dark allure.The 80% Tungsten barrels feature detailed, axial cuts, overlaid with Black Titanium Nitride coating delivering enhanced grip and barrel protection. Highlighted with vivid purple coloured ring sections, the highlights give this range a distinct recognition.

“The Ghoulish Get-Up” - Halloween Hybrid Shirt

Classic Halloween colours. The innovative Target Coolplay technology is made from a high performance microfibre fabric that has been specifically designed to wick sweat away from the body and move it to the fabric surface, where it evaporates helping you to stay dry. The Coolplay Hybrid features a contrasting sleeve and side panel to create a distinctive looking dart shirt.

“Wizarding Wallet” – Target Takoma Wallet

Designed to carry all of your trick or treats. The Takoma is made from a strong EVA material, maintaining rigidity and giving protection to your darts and accessories inside. Inside the wallet is a velvet layer that adds a soft feel and scratch resistant covering.

“King of the Shafts” - Pumpkin ProGrips

The Pro Grip Shaft is one of the most popular shafts in the world. Specially moulded to provide a smooth lead in and offers fantastic strength in gripping flights to reduce fall outs. The Pro Grip shaft also features a nib by the shaft petals to make it easier to slide your flights into the shaft.

“Target Sweet Stash” – The Pick and Mix of Flights

Make your flights and shafts coordinate or mix and match. The vibrant coloured ID Pro.Ultra flights feature a spot UV print to enhance flight to shaft grip. Offering an array of colours each flight is finished with a Target emblem and comes in shapes Standard No2, No6, Kite and Ten-X

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