5 Dec, 2018

On the 6th December 2017, we announced to the world the signing of top female darts talent, Lorraine Winstanley. Exactly one year later, we are pleased to reveal the launch of Lorraine Winstanley gear.

We have been working with Lorraine closely for the past year trying to devise the best strategy to tackle the long-ingrained gender stereotypes in darts. Female darts players are growing in influence and the plan from the beginning was to ensure that the momentum and growth within the female darts game are not lost or overshadowed by male darts.

As used by Lorraine Winstanley, these 90% Tungsten darts have been designed in collaboration with Lorraine to ensure they were the perfect dart for her throw. Featuring radial grooves and coated in Black Titanium Nitride, these darts offer Lorraine the grip and feel she requires whilst providing long lasting barrel protection. Complete with Pro Grip black shaft, and Lorraine Winstanley Vision.Ultra flight.

Alongside the launch of her barrels, we are also pleased to reveal the Lorraine Winstanley Vision.Ultra flights which have been designed to sit perfectly within the Lorraine Winstanley dart. The striking purple and black colour scheme has been printed on a translucent material which allows for greater 'vision' and enhances the flights colour and style. Featuring Spot UV technology to enhance flight to shaft grip. Available in shapes NO6, NO2, Kite & Ten-X.

Long are the days of pretty pink floral flights and pink painted barrels, Lorraine's dart range represents the strong and empowered females in sport, who aren't afraid to challenge the status quo and have the determination to progress if given the opportunity to do so.

It wasn't only us who thought this way, as shortly after the decision to sign Lorraine Winstanley was announced, PDC Chairman Barry Hearn announced that two spots would be given to women players in the 2019 World Championships.

When making the announcement, Barry Hearn said, "At the minute the men's averages are higher than the women but there are no real reasons why that are the case - no-one can answer that so the exposure to top-level darts can only help and bring on the women's game too."

He continued…"I still cannot believe there is a reason for them not to be up there. The only thing I can think of is lack of dedication on their part or lack of opportunities on our part - so let's create the opportunity."

As a brand, it has never been more important to sponsor and support talented women who are helping to elevate the sport of darts. As Barry states, there really is no reason that women shouldn't be matching the men's averages.

Darts is one of the only sports where gender, weight, height and strength do not matter. Darts is about determination, risk-taking, consistency, patience and precision. With the right equipment and support, we believe that anyone could be the next top darts player, and we can't deny that it would be amazing to see a women take that leading spot.

Watch: Lorraine Winstanley - Ready To Inspire
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