26 Jun, 2019

Used by the three time Lakeside champion, Glen 'Duzza' Durrant, the Glen Durrant Generation 1 darts are the newest addition to the Target Darts range. Glen took the time to sit down with us to share why he chose the specific dimensions for his new darts - watch in the video below.

Whenever a new player signs with Team Target our head designer sits down with them to craft a dart fine tuned to their playing style and preferences. The Glen Durrant Generation 1 dart has a meaningful style incorporated in honour of Glen's dart career thus far. The Middlesbrough lion is printed onto the barrel and highlighted in a spot UV design on the flights themselves. Also featured on the flights are the three stars symbolising the three championship titles Glen succesively won at the BDO Lakeside World Championship.

Having a barrel design with radial grooves focused near the center of the dart, the Glen Durrant Generation 1 give you more grip benefiting a centered throwing style darts player. Available in soft and steel tip, all include a Pro Grip shaft and Glen's custom flight design.

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