5 Sep, 2018
Phil Taylor Power 95 Generation 5
Power 95 Gen 5

The Power 9Five G5

Developed for Phil 'The Power' Taylor - 16 times Champion of the World. Phil bowed-out of the PDC circuit at the start of 2018 and wanted to continue his journey with a dart that he felt reflected his experience & dedication throughout his career.

Power 95 Gen 5

technically brilliant

Balanced for the stacking style of play 'The Power' is known for, each barrel has been cut with the stunning Trapezoidal Grip technology to offer outstanding levels of grip and feel.

The barrel is then hand sandblasted to create a distinct matte texture for improved grip at the rear, and laser etched with Phil's signature and Target Logo. Coated in a Blush Gold & Black PVD Titanium Nitride to provide long-lasting barrel protection and enhanced grip. Finished with Ultra.Ghost + flight and Power Titanium G5 Shaft.

RVB 95 Generation 2

Raymond's exact specifications

The RVB 95 G2 was developed with Targets team of designers to produce excellent results for his unique throw. Inspired by the V-Stream grip found in Elysian 3 and modified for RVB, the barrel features a unique Trapezoidal grip to offer outstanding levels of grip and feel. Finished with Gold & Black PVD Titanium Nitride coating which provides long-lasting barrel protection and enhanced grip. Complete with Pro Grip shaft and Ultra.Ghost Flight.

Rob Cross 80%

Endorsed by the 2018 World Champion

We are pleased to introduce Rob's faultlessly designed 80% Tungsten Barrel. Featuring detailed, radial grooves, the barrel is highlighted with vivid 'Voltage' Aqua coloured ring sections, ensuring your dart will stand out from the rest. The Rob Cross 80% comes fitted with Pro Grip Aqua shaft, and Rob Cross flight.

Paul Lim Generation 2

'The Legend's' exact specifications

Paul Lim's playing dart has been developed with Target's team of designers to produce the perfect results for Paul's remarkable throw. Crafted from 90% Tungsten, the barrels feature precision milled radial grooves, in alternating natural and coated rings. Coated in blue Titanium Nitride for further grip enhancement and barrel protection. Finished with a Pro Grip Vision shaft and Paul Lim G2 Vision Ultra flight.

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