3 Sep, 2019

After 3 years of development and testing, Target Darts are pleased to announce the release of the industry changing, patented Swiss Point.

Swiss Point is an interchangeable point system which enables (for the first time) players to switch their point length, style and colour in seconds using the pocket-sized Swiss Point tool. The patented locking system uses a precision machined taper and thread technology to secure the interchangeable point to the barrel ensuring it will never come loose during play.

In recent years, more and more players have been changing their dart points to suit their own style and factor variable dartboard conditions. Until now, changing your points has required an expensive, cumbersome machine which quite often damaged dart barrels and points, making changing points a costly and inaccessible experience.

“Swiss point is the biggest innovation in darts since Tungsten” 16 X World Champion Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor “I use Target Firepoints; as I like that extra grip for my finger on the point. With Swiss Point I can now swap out my points in seconds.” Rob Cross 2018 PDC World Champion.

Swiss Point also features an engineered groove to ensure broken points can still be removed with the SP tool included with the darts.

It's an unfortunate fact that throwing reasonably heavy lumps of metal which clatter into each other and on occasion fall onto hard floors, can make shafts, flights and points damaged or break entirely. Standard dart points often break flush with the barrel, making it hard to remove the broken point without sending your darts back to the manufacturer for repair -- which is expensive and make your darts unusable for up to a week. With Swiss point, the engineered groove ensures your SP tool can still grip and remove a broken point from a barrel, getting you and your darts back into the game in seconds.

Swiss Point has been launched with its own range of darts for which in themselves are stunning and come available in 3 different barrel shapes, each in a range of weights. These 90% Tungsten darts encapsulate the Swiss Point brand and provide this new technology a launch platform.

Phil Taylor's new Generation 6 darts also feature the new darting innovation. When Phil saw the possibility of being able to change his points to suit the dartboard he was playing on, he immediately requested his own darts to be fitted with it.

This is the start of the Swiss Point journey, with Target planning on releasing existing darts as Swiss Point versions in November and new models planned for 2020.

“Our vision is to make Swiss Point the new standard and we see all our darts coming with Swiss Points as the new standard in the future. For me, Swiss Point is the biggest innovation Target has ever done and the one I am most excited about.” Garry Plummer MD Target Darts

Swiss point is available to buy from www.target-darts.co.uk if you are in the UK and from Target's approved global retailer network.

For a list of Swiss Point's frequently asked questions, read here.

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