5 Oct, 2020
Podcast | Exclusive Interview

Sometimes you have to look back in order to go forward, and the new darts we have created for the legendary Dutch star Raymond van Barneveld are inspired by the first of his five World Championship victories.

"I did it all with this kind of darts; I had much success in the 80s and 90s; and my head says 'You need to go back, Ray' because this was the setup you always believed in."

Target has brought its modern technology to bear on an old set of arrows that "Barney" dug out of a draw and started practising with last year, introducing a combination of our Pixel and Nano grips to provide a barrel with outstanding levels of grip and feel.

Raymond himself has always tried to throw automatically, without over analysing his technique, but he does know when something feels right.

"I try not to think about it too much, because if you think about throwing a dart you already step out of that circle of concentration.

"But the darts are beautiful and this may be the best setup I ever had. It's the best of the best; like I always say to people, Target is the best darts company in the world."

The RVB G3 darts are neither a straight barrel nor a Phil Taylor-style thick barrel, but rather a bullet shape that sits between the two - mirroring the first and second generation RVB darts, and with which Raymond achieved notable success in his last few years on the PDC circuit.

"Barney" may have stepped-away from the professional game in the last few months, but one of the sport's most influential characters is now on the verge of a sensational comeback, after announcing his intention to compete at Q School in January to try and win his place back on the PDC tour.

"I was not myself for the last two years [on tour] and now my head is clear - and I must say that I miss the darts. It was my life for many years, I started playing darts when I was 17 and I had this goal to become a world champion and a darts superstar - and I made that of myself."

"I know I have to start from the bottom. I don't think I'll play TV tournaments for the first half of the year; I have to be realistic. I think I still have something in me - a little voice says 'you can still compete with the best', but there is only one way to do this and that is to work very, very hard.

"I've got Target behind me - they are amazing sponsors and that gives me a fantastic, good feeling.

"I started to play with these darts 14 months ago in New Zealand and Australia and straight away reached the final of the New Zealand Darts Masters, so I have the right material. This is the right dart, I'm over the moon with this dart, but I need to practise every single day and do my job."

"I have Glen Durrant for an example - I love the way he plays, the way he works hard; he's also a Target member and a fantastic guy. He is the perfect example of how it can be the same for me. I can qualify, I can get a Tour Card, and in six months if the results are fantastic, why not? I'm still a very good player."

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