6 Dec, 2017

We are pleased to announce the signing of the incredible Lorraine Winstanley

Lorraine Winstanley

As a brand, we pride ourselves on consistently challenging the status quo to bring you revolutionary new designs, and now we plan to tackle the long-ingrained gender stereotypes in the darts game and sport as a whole. Lorraine has an amazing understanding of her responsibility to market female darts to the next generation and help elevate it.

‘Sport isn’t just the biggest entertainment sector in the world, but it is a massive platform for education and we need to use it as one.’ Lorraine Winstanley
Garry Plummer & Lorraine

We are not expecting an immediate shift, we are thinking long term. We are committed to playing a meaningful role in this movement, taking lead from the likes of Adidas, Nike and Under Armour, who manage to consistently inspire female sports participation through iconic campaigns and partnerships.

Female darts players are growing in influence and we plan to ensure that the momentum and growth within the female darts game is not lost or over shadowed by male darts.

'I think a lot of the negative perceptions around women's sport dropped after the Olympics in London, seeing sportswomen such as Rebecca Adlington and Jessica Ennis shine. In the Darts world there are a lot of hurdles that female players still face. There are less competitions, media coverage, majors to win and less prize money for grabs. Most brands don't see it as their responsibility to grow female darts and female darts participation, however Target are not afraid to disrupt the status quo and provoke debate.' - Lorraine Winstanley

We will be giving Lorraine a platform to inspire, and tell her stories. Lorraine will be speaking to younger female darts players about what it takes to tackle through the industry, what challenges she faces and the work she has to put in to succeed.

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