12 Oct, 2020
Podcast | Exclusive Interview

Despite the world-leading design, innovation and technology that Target brings to the sport of darts, sometimes there is an element of trial and error when setting-out to improve upon perfection - and it has played its part in the new darts for Rob Cross.

"Voltage" moved to Target in his first year in the PDC and the darts we created for him helped him win the World Championship trophy in his debut campaign at Alexandra Palace. More major titles have followed, with the World Matchplay and European Championship added to his collection, but Rob has been searching during that time to find a way of further improving his game.

Having experimented with barrels that featured a dedicated groove for his thumb, and different combinations of grip, the new Voltage G2 darts emerged from a number of different sets he tested during the Covid lockdown.

"I just picked this set up and every time I practised with them I thought they were brilliant" says Cross, "so this is probably the first time where I've tried a set of darts and not ended up going back to my original ones."

"I've been throwing with these darts for six or seven months now and that's a rarity because I have so much belief in my old set, but I have the same belief with these new ones and I can see myself going places with them."

The Voltage G2 darts have some similar elements to the original Rob Cross darts, with radial grooves along the length of the barrel. However, the introduction of sand-blasted cuts provides an improved feel that Rob says increases his control.

"I have always wanted and always craved something with more grip, so I can feel them in my hand a little bit more - especially in hot arenas like Blackpool for the Matchplay.

"I have a little bit of sand-blasting in there and it just gives me a little bit of a different texture. Originally I tried a set without the sand-blasting, and we experimented with big sand-blasted areas, but having the little sections in there gives me that identification of where I want my fingers and I am feeling the darts very, very well."

The Voltage G2 darts also come fitted with Swiss Diamond (SD) points (which Rob helped develop himself) to offer the best combination of grip in the board and in his hand. They feature grip at the end of the point, where Rob rests his little finger, and towards the barrel where he grips with another finger.

The second generation Voltage darts also introduce colour, with Cross's trademark teal inserted within the radial cuts - a new element to Rob's setup.

"I can't shift the colour now - I think I'm going to paint my bedroom in it!

"When they first turned up with colour I was not convinced because I thought it might bother me, but when I threw them I did not even notice [the colour] - they sit in the board lovely.

"They are lovely looking darts; I think they are the nicest looking darts I've seen; and I think they're me. But not only that, the way they fly - they're absolutely incredible, and my practice game is so much more at the minute."

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