4 Mar, 2022

Target would like to give a warm welcome to Logan Gilmour, the latest signing to our Elite 1 programme. The Scottish star from Cowdenbeath aged 11, may be our youngest recruit to date, but he has proven that talent can start at any age.

The goal of our Elite 1 programme is to help young, gifted dart players form into top pros and has already successfully produced some of the sport's most promising talents, including the likes of Youth World Champions Keane Barry and Bradley Brooks. Head of Youth Development, Lorraine Winstanley said:

"I'm so pleased to have Logan on the programme, as the youngest addition to team Elite 1 he is a real talent and is already showing his class by winning his JDC tour card outright."

Find out what Logan had to say during his first visit to Target HQ:

How does it feel to be signing for Elite 1?

I am very excited and hopefully, Target can help me improve my game even more.

What did you know about the Elite 1 programme before signing?

I know the Elite 1 programme is there to help develop youth players and improve their game, I know of the youth players in the Elite 1 programme.

Tell us more about the tournaments you have competed in?

I have competed in a mix of 13 JDC and SDA youth tournaments winning 9 of those and winning a qualifier at Q school to earn an advanced tour card and competing in local tournaments.

What are your biggest accomplishments in darts so far?

Earning my tour card for the JDC advanced tour and my 9-youth tournament wins in Scotland.

You have already won some JDC Scotland titles how does that boost your confidence?

Every tournament I play in gives me a bit more confidence for the next one.

What are your goals for the next year?

I'm really looking forward to playing in the JDC advanced tour and competing against the best youth players in the world and representing Scotland at the JDC youth world cup in Gibraltar.

What are your goals for your entire career?

To play in the PDC and become world champion.

How did you first get into darts?

I would watch my dad practice in the house and watch darts on tv. I got a soft tip dartboard when I was 3 years old and have played ever since.

Are you naturally good at darts?

My family say I was a natural, but I have practised every day since I threw my first dart. I practice every day before I go to school and when I get home from school, and I have a few different practice routines to help improve my checkouts.

Welcome to the team Logan!

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