26 May, 2022

Target are delighted to announce that the Jarred 'King of the Castle' Cole will continue with Target Darts into the future as he has signed a new contract. Graduating from the Elite 1 programme in 2020, we've been really impressed with Jarred's continued development and we're really looking forward to seeing his career flourish even further.

"Being given the opportunity to re-sign is amazing, I've been with Target for 5 years and every year I'm progressing and stepping my game up, so fingers crossed going forward it all begins to click into place and everyone gets to see the best of me."

Jarred has impressed in the 2 years since his graduation from the Elite 1 to Team Target, and continues to keep an eye on the programme he spent 3 years in "The transition from Elite 1 has gone quite well I think, there's bumps in every road of course but I think it's definitely been worth it. I'm just glad to see that I'm improving as a darts player which is the goal.

I think the system really does work, you can just see from all the players that are progressing from the Elite 1 to Team Target, it's not just myself, you've got players like Keane Barry, Bradley Brooks, Lewy Williams, they're fantastic players and even the ones that are just joining are proving themselves. They're all just phenomenal talents and hopefully they keep up their progress and follow the path that a few of us have already gone down.

Who would I say to keep my eye on? There's obviously Leighton Bennett, Joey (Lynaugh) - he's a really good player, I saw him a couple of weekends ago and he looks really sharp. Eleanor (Cairns) and Luke (Littler) are also great talents, so there's more than just one."

Recently, Jarred has been playing in the PDC Development Tour and he's looking forward to seeing what he can do at future events "The Development Tour has been ok, I've made 3 semi finals from the 10 events I've played. In terms of the bigger picture, it's all starting to come together but I do think there's bigger and better things to come from me. Hopefully next I can get my tour card and then defend my ADC belt."

The respect for the sport and the players that have come before him is very clear when speaking to Jarred, the way he conducts himself around other professionals is exactly what we like to see from our players. He's keen to learn and really enjoys going to professional events "It's a dream come true, I'll never forget the opportunity to play in the Pro Tour in 2018, it was like walking in to a room filled with your biggest idols. Everyone you know from the TV is there, Adrian Lewis, James Wade, Johnny Clayton, some of the biggest names in darts. Even beating a couple of them! It doesn't feel real when you're up there, winning a match against someone you grew up idolising - you need to pinch yourself. Everyone's willing to give you advice and have a chat with you as well, I'm really good friends with some of them."

Managing Director James Tattersall was pleased to see Jarred re-sign with Target saying "It's been a pleasure to see how Jarred has developed his game over past few years and we're delighted to have another former member of Elite 1 continue his journey with us. Hopefully we can see him develop even more and really take his game to the heights we know he can reach."

Congratulations Jarred, we look forward to continue working with you and seeing your game take the next step.

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