18 May, 2022

We had the opportunity to sit down with Jarred ''King of the Castle'' Cole when he visited Target HQ last week and we had 5 questions for him to get to know him a little more outside the world of throwing arrows.

What do you do when you're not playing darts?

If I'm not at home, I'm with my girlfriend or I'm playing Rocket League. I'm also into my sports, I watch Tottenham quite a lot. They actually beat Arsenal 3 - 0 on the same night I was playing a doubles tournament with my brother, it was on a big screen nearby and I thought someone was cheering me on whilst I went for a double but actually, Tottenham had just scored!

Do you follow any other sports?

I quite like snooker as well, I don't really have a specific player that I follow but I do enjoy watching it for some reason. It's just really satisfying to watch, similar to darts it has that hand eye coordination and it's so satisfying seeing something go in or someone pull off an amazing shot.

You're going out for a post-match victory meal. You have an unlimited budget what are you having?

Are we talking 3-course meal? Beans on toast. Ok I'm joking!

I'm not much of a fancy diner really, I'd definitely go for a steak - medium rare, either a ribeye or a t-bone. I'm a chef myself, so that's something that feels like home to me. I'd skip the starter I think, purely so I can have a bigger dessert! I'd go for a nice big ice cream sundae with everything on it, sauces, a banana, yeah, that'll do.

There's 3 spare seats at the table, who are you inviting? You're only allowed one darts related option!

In terms of for my own benefit, you've got to put Phil Taylor at that table. 16x World Champion, I don't think anyone would pick anyone else. That's got to be one of the best minds for darts, I'd love to hear his insight and advice.

Next, I'm going to say Kevin Hart. I think he's hilarious, I think it'd be brilliant to see him at that table, he'd be so entertaining. The interaction between Phil and Kevin would be outrageous, I'd love to see how they bounce off each other.

Lastly, I'd like to bring my brother Rex. He's like a comedian himself and he's my brother, I love him to bits. I bring him everywhere nowadays, we've done so much together.

Lastly and most importantly, who has the best entrance music on Team Target?

That's a tough one. If you're thinking most iconic, then, of course, it's Phil Taylor, if I swapped with him, that would stir up a few emotions in the crowd I'm sure! I do like Adrian Lewis' Jackpot too, there's a couple, even in the youth that have great ones. Keane Barry walking out to TNT is class. Of course, I love mine too, King of the Castle. There's a lot of good ones to choose from! I'll say Adrian Lewis. That's a very tough one to answer.

It's always great to sit down with Jarred, a former member of Elite 1 who graduated to joining Team Target in 2020 after claiming the European Youth title and winning a PDC Development Tour event. We're looking forward to seeing much more from Jarred in the coming years.

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