29 Jan, 2021

Danny Baggish is arguably one of the best darts players to hail from the United States. In the last two years, he has not only dominated the sport in North America but has also taken his talent onto the world stage.

2020 has been a triumph year for 'The Gambler's professional career after an incredible run in the recent World Championship to see him become the first American to make the final 32 since 2010.

We are proud to have this remarkable sportsman as a member of #TeamTarget and equally delighted to be releasing Danny's first-generation dart. We speak to the man himself as we prepare for the launch of his new dart:

Tell us about your new dart design.

I wanted something simple - something that felt good in the hand. The dart is perfect for my throw. The Blue grooves are exactly where I hold the dart.

The whole design process was pretty quick. Target are great at what they do and I know what works for me. We came up with a design together that suited my throw, and it really did not take long to perfect.

What type of player would you recommend this dart to?

The dart isn't too grippy so I think it's perfect for players that don't like an aggressive grip; great for those that want the dart to just lay perfectly in their hand.

What is the background behind the nickname 'The Gambler'?

I love to take risks. I also love silly bets such as flipping a coin for a drink, or first one to hit a 180 to win 5 dollars!

Tell us how you felt after your brilliant World Championship campaign.

This is something I will never forget - to defeat a 2x World Champion and make the 3rd round was awesome.

I proved that I could compete with the best and know that next time, with a little more rest and concentration, I can do even better.

What are your goals for this year and beyond?

My aim is to get a PDC Tour Card, if I accomplish this then I want to make a final. During my career, I want to win a PDC event. I know I can. I believe I can.

What is the darts game like in America?

It has changed for the better thanks to the CDC creating better opportunities for players in the US. We have been preparing for this shift in American darts and I am glad to be such a big part of it.

I hope to help put US darts back on the map and show that we are not just walk overs!

What advice would you give to darts players looking to make it to the international stage?

Put the time in and commitment and most importantly never give up. A dream is meant to come true and it's up to you to push yourself to get there.

Do you have a message to your fans?

Thank you all for your support. I am driving myself to make sure I do this for me and all of you. Love you all and let's do this together!

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