8 Nov, 2021

Last weekend saw the conclusion of the Development Tour events which has seen over 300 young stars compete across the UK & Europe for a chance to win a place on the PDC Pro Tour as well as a spot at the World Darts Championship in December.

Target had 6 pro players & 10 Elite 1 starlets competing over the last couple of weeks and although all of our players competed valiantly, we have picked out a few highlights from the final run of events.


Bradley Brooks started the weekend sat in 5th on the UK tour's Order of Merit with a lot of work to do in order for him to win his place at Alexandra Palace but right from the off he looked like a man on a mission. The 21-year-old won the 2nd event of the weekend beating fellow Team Target man Jarred Cole 5-3, rocketing himself up the rankings into a more comfortable 2nd position. However, day 2 did not go to plan as 'Bam Bam' only managed to pick up a quarter final as well as a last 32 finish which meant a huge run on the final day was required. Bradley managed a semi final finish on the penultimate event and on the final day found himself in a winner-takes-all final against Keegan Kay where Brooks ruthlessly defeated him 5-1 to clinch his spot at the worlds as well as renewing his PDC Tour spot for a further 2 years.


The young Polish sensation has had a tremendous year so far and was looking to make it even better at the European Development Tour. Sebastian managed 3 quarter final finishes as well as winning event 8 which put him in the mix for the grand prize. However, as fantastic as he performed our young star marginally missed out on a place at Ally Pand finished 5th in the final rankings.


19-year-old Killian Heffernan has been a bright spark this year and really came into life in the final set of UK Development Tour events. The Irish wonderkid threw his way to the final of event 9 where he narrowly lost to Keelan Kay in a 5-4 thriller. But what was even more impressive was Killian's consistency across the 6 events where he managed to finish no lower than the final 32 all weekend, something only the likes of Team Target stars Keane Barry & Jarred Cole could achieve.


Bradley Brooks: QF / W / T32 / QF / SF / W

Keane Barry: SF / T32 / QF / T16 / T16 / T16

Jarred Cole: QF / F / T32 / QF / T32 / T16

Killian Heffernan: T32 / T16 / F / T16 / T16 / T32

James Beeton: T16 / T64 / T128 / T64 / T32 / T16

Nathan Care: T32 / T128 / T32 / T64 / T128 / T16

John Brown: T32 / T128 / T64 / T128 / T16 / T32

Nathan Girvan: T64 / T128 / T64 / T32 / T64 / T16

Harry Gregory: T32 / T128 / T32 / T64 / T128 / T16

Jack Vincent: T64 / T64 / T256 / T64 / T64 / T64

Katie Sheldon: T64 / T256 / T128 / T128 / T256 / T256


1. Bradley Brooks

8. Jarred Cole

9. Keane Barry

14. Killian Heffernan

20. Nathan Girvan

31. John Brown

32. James Beeton

36. Lewy Williams

37. Nathan Care

67. Harry Gregory

76. Jack Vincent

92. Katie Sheldon


Sebastian Bialecki: QF / W / WF / T64 / T16 / QF

Tomas Houdek: T16 / T64 / T128 / T128 / SF / T32

Kevin Doets: DNC / T16 / T32 / T64 / T32 / T32

Daan Bastiaansen: T64 / T32 / T128 / T128 / T64 / T64


5. Sebastian Bialecki

8. Kevin Doets

14. Tomas Houdek

88. Daan Bastiaansen

That's a wrap for the 2021 Development Tour - next up for our youth stars, Q-School in early 2022.

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