9 Aug, 2021

Last weekend saw the PDC Challenge Tour make its long-awaited return after a 10-month absence from the darting world. The 3-day event is an opportunity for players who participated at Q-School earlier in the year to get their hands on some prize money as well as having a chance to win that all-illusive PDC Tour Card and a spot at the 2022 World Championship of Darts.

4 Team Target pros and 3 Elite 1 stars all competed across the 6 events last weekend as they looked to make a strong start to this year's tour.

Star Performers:

Nathan Girvan

Our stand out performer from the weekend was Elite 1's very own Nathan Girvan who managed a final run in the 5th event where he marginally lost out to Shaun McDonald in a last leg decider. The 18-year-old Scotsman managed to pick up £1000 across the weekend which leaves him sitting comfortably in 11th on the Order of Merit table.

Chris Quantock

'Quanny' produced a steady run of performances and was unlucky not to make the quarter finals in the second event where he lost a last leg decider vs James Richardson. However, he was rewarded £350 for his efforts and sits in 49th on the Order of Merit.

Alan Norris

Team Target star Alan 'Chuck' Norris had a frustrating start to his weekend and didn't progress past the 2nd round in the first 3 events, but his persistence paid off as he managed 2x final 32 finishes across the remainder of the weekend which meant he picked up £250 in total.

Challenge Tour results:

Nathan Girvan: CT1: T128 / CT2: T256 / CT3: T128 / CT4: T128 / CT5: FINAL / CT6: T128

Chris Quantock: CT1: T64 / CT2: T16 / CT3: T128 / CT4: T32 / CT5: T128 / CT6: T256

Alan Norris: CT1: T128 / CT2: T256 / CT3: T128 / CT4: T32 / CT5: T64 / CT6: T32

Killian Heffernan: CT1: T128 / CT2: T256 / CT3: T256 / CT4: T16 / CT5: T128 / CT6: T128

Danny Lauby: CT1: T128 / CT2: T32 / CT3: T128 / CT4: T64 / CT5: T128 / CT6: T32

Lorraine Winstanley: CT1: T256 / CT2: T128 / CT3: T256 / CT4: T32 / CT5: T256 / CT6: T256

Jack Vincent: CT1: T128 / CT2: T256 / CT3: T256 / CT4: T256 / CT5: T128 / CT6: T256

Challenge Tour Order of Merit:

11. Nathan Girvan

49. Chris Quantock

58. Alan Norris

65. Danny Lauby

75. Killian Heffernan

110. Lorraine Winstanley

Unranked: Jack Vincent

Our players will be back in Challenge Tour action from the 3rd of September as they look to continue their pursuit for a PDC Tour Card.

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